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The story 1001 nights | the Night to 590

The story 1001 nights | the Night to 590 ~ Syahrazan again continued he said…

The screen of flower tar. The wind was blown. The ship that was occupied by me began to leave Basrah crossed the open sea. The city was for the sake of the city patrolled by me with the other merchants to sell the thing thing that was carried by us. Wa. We really enjoyed this trip because all of them indeed appeared good just good. Ja. The calm ocean and the friendly weather. Really true tired us would the actual danger every time always threatened. General.

And what not we want to would that then finally happened when in an afternoon, arrived arrived nahkoda to ask whether actual happened. In.

The traders and the subordinate who saw this incident felt most startled and immediately approached nahkoda to ask whether actual happened.

what happened nahkoda? Da? ask one of my friends. I.

Nahkoda replied, this ship left the route that ought to be followed by us and at this time we were in waters that in no way once were known by me. Al. Truly, what when Allah did not issue us from these waters, definitely all of us will be destroyed, so was asked for by me you all ber the prayer to Allah so that he agrees to rescue us.

After saying thus, nahkoda that immediately ordered his subordinate to roll the layer. However, before the screen could be rolled, suddenly the wind blew fast and dragged the ship that was occupied by us to the side of a mountain that was located in the middle of sea.

La haula wa La quwwata illa billah Al-ally Al-azhim exciting nahkoda, was finished our story

Several people of the merchant and the crew began to be shouting hysterical because of feeling that their hour of death will immediately be arriving, while the ship that was occupied by us continued to progress tight was brought the wind to the side of the mountain.

Was not how long afterwards, the ship that was occupied by us finally tar hempas with very hard bent foot the mountain so as all the ship body from the course to the stern at once was destroyed split the sliver. Ng. Several people of passengers at once sank and were killed instantly, Allhamdulillah, I was someone that succeeded in being safe reached the coast.

Evidently, the mountain that in hit by my ship in fact was an island that was enough besar. all along his coast I found so many fragments of wood of remnant of the ship that foundered before in this mysterious island, I also saw various valuable thing sorts that has in was kept dying his host was scattered about like the waste. Ah.

Some friends of my friend direct the happiness when seeing the valuable thing thing. That. However, was not like this his matter with me. I really was interested exploring the island more in to find out if if having the life there. Na. And with several people who were safe, I afterwards explored the island of my place mountain was casted ashore that.

The morning came again. Syahrazad stopped he said.....

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