Friday, April 2, 2010

The story 1001 nights

The story 1001 nights ~ a good literary work the phenomenal middle age throughout history. The story 1001 nights had not stopped in said from the period to the period. He then seem like processed became the main part of the part satra classic. Ik.
This story take the form of the collection related framed that continued continued with the different leading figure the difference and the strength of the plot that awakened the curious feeling. An. Inside was narrated by various legends, the fairy tale, and the novel with the background.

This work has often attracted attention of the men of letters, the poet, and the group cendikiawan from the east and west. Terjemahanya in various world languages became proof that he was not cracked in ate time. This reality at the same time showed that ordered ordered that was sent was universal and crossed the partition - the partition of the culture and geogarfis. Is. The content of his wisdom then as though being not finished was dug up.

The article about the story 1001 nights in blog this, there was no intention to look for the profit only, I Only meant to ask the readers that possibly did not yet know about the story 1001 nights to together could be the same read and understood the contents from the story 1001 nights especially, for that was not more well-off to buy his book, and for that had never read him,

However the writer's suggestion was better when you bought the Story book 1001 nights in the available shop of the book shop in your city, if also wanted to enjoy the story in blog small this, I was happy very much, let's read he narrated, and gave commented inside every time postingan available to be able to understand each other the contents of the content that in poured in the story 1001 nights. General.

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